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I know maybe 2 (if that) will read this...

Let me run by what has happened in the past few months, me and Ashley broke up again.

It happened about a month ago. I just wasn't happy with where we were at in our relationship. It sucks but I couldn't go on. We were always so busy with work and school, especially Ashley. And I have The Baboon Brigade taking up most of my time. It just sucks. We had grown up and grown apart and wanted different things at this point in our lives. I wanted a girlfriend that would be around me and my music, Ashley wasn't that. She always had a conflict with music being my first choice in everything, which I don't understand why she was like that, its not like the music biz is as easy as it seems. She wanted to be an actress and still does I think, but her drive for it changed. She didn't want to bust her ass to make it anymore, which I think changed things in our relationship. It seemed like we wanted two things that are hard to obtain. Goals that are hard to reach but great ones to achieve. But we were kids when that happened...even though it was like three years ago. I know people change, I am not saying I haven't. I just dont ever want to give up my dreams of playing music, with or without a girlfriend.

Anyway Ashley and I are cool with each other though. Which at times is weird but I never wanted to stop being her friend. She knows me to well and I know her to well. Thats what sucked about the end of our relationship, we became more like best friends then a couple. Ill go into more details about this later, no one is going to read this anyway.


December 2007

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